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13th March 2014

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19th February 2014


Impatient People: Rant

Today while walking home someone pushed me with there car.
luckily they were not going very fast.

while i was starting to walk through a crosswalk of a residential parking lot someone came speeding up to the crosswalk, this crosswalk is not very long only one and a half cars can fit through at a time.

As i crossed the center of the crosswalk this person drove quickly to one side as if they were trying to drive out in front of me before i could finish crossing. right as they went in front of me i stopped there car headlight were literally right next to my legs.

it was at this point that they finally stopped for a few seconds. in my mind i thought they realized the mistake they made trying to go through a crosswalk when a pedestrian clearly was already in the crosswalk before them.

so i continued walking, this was a mistake on my part thinking this person was being nice and letting me finish walking as i gone past the midpoint of there car they started pushing me.

i quickly turned to face them wondering wtf is wrong with the person why were they in such a hurry that they needed to cross when someone was already in the crosswalk.

all i could think of doing was asking them did they see me walking.

oddly enough when i asked them. they didn’t yell at me for getting in the way or anything of that sort they simply said “Yes i saw you walking”
in a pretty calm voice…

so this is just… I’m mad because i really don’t know why someone would think it’s ok to drive infront of a pedestrian when they already have the righter way. or why they needed to “race” the pedestrian by speeding really fast and also putting there car at the very edge of the crosswalk.

When a pedestrian is IN the crosswalk AT ALL you are NOT allowed to pass. i can understand if the pedestrian has not reached/entered the crosswalk but once there in it do not try to speed past them, you are putting people in danger.

end of rant. sorry about repeating things.

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13th February 2014

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Dark Star Nyu-chan

Doki Doki nurse lillium-san (wut)

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28th August 2013

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when i close my browser it deletes my cookies…..

(my cookies are fine i saved them, just thought this would be funny ._.)

when i close my browser it deletes my cookies…..

(my cookies are fine i saved them, just thought this would be funny ._.)

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26th July 2013

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"That’s real champagne!"

17th July 2013

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don’t squeeze the caterpiller’s butt, that’s rude

“Don’t got messin with my buns, son”

What if trolls scrunched up and made that noise whenever someone touched them and they were in a pouty grumpy mood



and then i



This started at a very young age



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1st July 2013


Isabelle papercraft by ~KrystalizedArtist9 on deviantART →

Duno what I’m doing but here’s a thing.

10th June 2013


6 materials in one, covers that hide OTHER mods pipes (Still connect sadly) and my workbench Butler (not important)

Besides the crafting table all this stuff is Immibis’ Microblocks

Can also cut mod blocks aswell

i only had to set it to auto detect and edit the MFR line cause MFR changed the name of there pipe entity.

2nd June 2013

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this suprised me, working in minecraft suddenly a creeper on a pig, thought it was just a creeper bugging out and floating, however the pig moved and the creeper followed so i snapped some pics.

22nd May 2013


no din din for nyutan!

no din din for nyutan!